Duties and Responsibilities:

Summary Statement;

The board of directors is responsible for general oversight of all activities including retaining and increasing membership, maintaining the financial condition, preserving the artifacts and historical records, community inclusion and outreach that advance our effectiveness and sustainability.


1.  Board members are expected to attend all regularly scheduled board meetings and the two yearly dinner meetings.

2.  Each board member should assume the chairmanship of one committee and be on another committee as part of their responsibilities.

3.  Board members should have an understanding of the financial and membership operations of the HSEP.

4.  Board members are expected to have read the board reports and minutes and contribute to meetings.

5.  Board members must ensure that the financial condition of HSEP is following acceptable accounting laws/regulations and accounting practices by having reports, audits, insurance coverage, and budgets available.

6.  Board members must make decisions based on the best interests of HSEP not other organizations or community groups.

7.  Board members must work to increase the membership of the organization in order to maintain the ability to carry on the mission of HSEP in the future.

8.  Adopt policies for governance of HSEP including but not limited to acceptance and retention of gifts/artifacts/documents, financial record keeping, duties of volunteers, and membership.

9.  Work with the executive director to determine their duties and responsibilities.

10.  Review and adjust the mission of the organization as needed.