ORIGINAL Honor Roll.jpg
Original Roll Of Honor Memorial located near 96 South Enola Drive across the street from the current Ricupero’s Garage.

Soon after we became involved in WWII, several funds were started for the construction of an Honor Roll for the Men and Women who served our country during WWII and who were living in East Pennsboro Township at the time of their induction into the various armed services.

The original memorial after all of the vines and vegetation were removed.  The bricks were also cleaned of graffiti.

One fund was created by the Enola Sportsmen Association at the suggestion of Dr. Joseph H Rissinger, another by Charles F. Buck.  It was agreed that these funds be combined, and that Mr. Buck take the initiative in supervising the erection of an Honor Roll.

The first name plaque is added to the memorial.

Contributions were solicited, scrap, waste paper etc. were collected and sold.  The profits of which were used toward this project.  Mr Buck received fine cooperation from many individuals and organizations, making it possible to build a Honor Roll having more than 600 names inscribed upon it.  The Board was located adjacent to the High School at 98 South Enola Drive, where it was maintained until the winter of 1948-49.

Stone is laid down for the pavers to be added.  The name plaques are attached to the memorial and the flag pole is in place.

The Greater Enola Lions Club was organized April 1946.  It recognized the need for a permanent memorial and chose this as one of its first projects.  The Club then solicited finds from our citizens and conducted fairs and festivals until $3500 was raised.  This money was used for the construction of the memorial.  This memorial was designed by George W. Fordney, Post Commander of the Legion Post 751, and the ground donated by the Enola Legion.  The Legion laid the pavements leading to the memorial.

Name bricks are checked to ensure that all are accounted for.

In 2009, the West Shore Democratic Club (George DeMartyn Jr., President and Jim Hertzler, Vice-President) recognized the need to restore the Memorial and donated $20,000 toward the project.  The Enola American Legion raised additional $12,000 with a buy an engraved brick fundraiser.  Again, the community stepped up to make the restoration possible.  The Memorial was rededicated on May 23, 2010.

The crowd gathered for the re-dedication ceremony.  The first row was reserved for WWII veterans.

Legion Memorial Dedication

The Committee wishes to thank ALL organizations and individuals who helped make this re-dedication possible.

Legion Memorial Night
This beautiful photo courtesy of Dennis Small

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