In April 1902 there were over 200 men working on laying trolley tracks which extended from Harrisburg to Marysville. Following the interruption of the Pennsylvania Railroad’s building of the Enola Yard, which started in 1903, a trolley line was finally completed and made its first trip through the new village of Enola on August 4, 1906. Like the railroads, the trolleys had a certain charm. School children rode them to and from school, the railroaders used them  to get back and forth from work – the trolley stopped right in front of the old Brick Office.  However, the trolleys finally gave way to the automobile. History tells us that the trolley made its last trip through Enola in April 1938 or did it?

Member Jim Leonard checks out the inside of No. 7

It turns out that a trolley returned to Enola in 1940 but not by rail. Trolley No.7 made the journey, with the help of L.B. Smith and Company, from Hershey to 404 Dauphin Street in Enola. With the help of a large crane the trolley was placed on a hand dug foundation. The trolley became the home of purchasers Pearl and Roy Gouffer .

In early 1960, No.7 received a face-lift. John Cohick, a local contractor, was hired to install aluminum siding.

Apparently Trolley No.7 had made many journeys in its life time. The car was originally built by The Cincinnati Car Company in 1914. It was once owned by the Ephrata & Lebanon Traction Company. In 1934, it was purchased from the Lebanon Railway by Hershey and was most likely used on the hotel line in Hershey.  The old trolley still stands today at 404 West Dauphin Street, Enola PA. In September 2005, Amy Dolbin invited the Historical Society to tour the home. Behind a small door one can still see the No.7, and a trip to the basement reveals the steel frame that supports this 1914 trolley.

Society Members (Todd Milano, Tom Cronagle, Amy Dolbin, Jim Leonard, Judy Jacobs, and Irene Mangle) on tour at 404 Dauphin Street



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