Water Tower photos by Dennis Small

The Enola Water Tower
After 50 years the water tank in Enola was dismembered by the Pennsylvania Water Company. The work began on January 13, 2010.
Work started at the top by cutting sections and letting them drop into the tank.
Smoke bellows from the heat of the torch. The project starts out by cutting smaller pieces.
There are two crews working at the top. The top is disappearing fast.
The sun continues to rise. The project started at 7AM, it is now 9:30AM.
Half of the dome is gone. You can see flames cutting through the other side.
As they cut, the metal rolls and curls inwards.
Crews are working from both sides; the pieces are getting bigger.
One more section is about to fall.
Workers cut a hole at the bottom and drag the bigger pieces out. A crew on the ground cuts them to truck size.
20 feet shorter.
Normal view from Enola Drive.
Tower is over halfway done.
Still working at 5:30PM. Crews finally quit for the day at 7PM.
Crews started early the next morning; not much is left.
They cut the last pieces from top to bottom.
One by one the sides fell in, with the help of a forklift.
Originally, the water tower was able to hold 700,000 gallons of water that were pumped from wells to supply Enola.
All that was left were a few pieces of metal waiting to be loaded for the scrap yard. The entire project took approximately 18 hours to complete.

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